Developing a Landscape Finance Strategy

Complement your landscape action plan with a finance strategy and supercharge transformation. LIFT is a process for helping you and your colleagues develop a strategy for mobilizing investment, so you can have confidence your action plan will make an impact.

Understanding Bankability

Struggling with what makes a business or project “bankable?” Put yourself in the shoes of your local banker in this LIFT lesson from Gerhard Mulder.

Generating revenue through access to new markets

One simple way to use an investment to generate additional revenue is to use the resources to gain access to a new market for selling goods or services. Seth Shames provides examples and more in this video post.

All About Blended Finance

Are you wondering, what is blended finance? And how can you get some? Pooja Munshi is here to help.

Understanding the full range of financial mechanisms

Photo by Laura Crowe on Unsplash

There are many different mechanisms which enable capital to flow across landscapes. Mechanisms are different from sources of capital and objectives of capital. There are two main categories of mechanism: Debt and Equity.

Differing investors, differing priorities: thinking right about finance sources

You and your landscape partners have identified a set of investment priorities. Now, you’ve got to figure out who would be interested in providing capital to each project. Since each project is different, and has a different business case, a different type of investor, with different priorities, will be interested in each one.

Investments that increase revenue in currently operating markets

Landscape investments can generate financial value in four main ways: 1. Increasing revenue within a currently operating market
2. Accessing new markets
3. Reducing business risks (i.e. lowering overall cost of capital)
4. Reducing business costs. This post discusses the first pathway.

Why is making a business case so important?

You have to show the business case! Have you ever heard that before? More and more, investors demand to see the financial sustainability and revenue-generating potential of their investments, even if they intend to have social and environmental impacts as well.