Learn how to use the Business Model Canvas

In this video, Gerhard Mulder, Director of Oxylus Climate Advisors, introduces the Business Model Canvas (BMC) and runs through its components. This tool is a central part of the early stages of LIFT. Gerhard also discusses a real-world example of the canvas in operation.

The BMC is an important part of the process of making an investment proposition more attractive for an investor. A common phrase for this is “bankable”. But really, this refers to any type of investor, not just banks. And we’re not just talking about businesses; bankability refers to projects and programs, specific activities, investments for new products etc.

Gerhard provides expert services to leading companies on their climate sustainability ambitions. In the video above, Gerhard shares some key tips to make investors confident in what you may propose to them.

One of the main reasons an investor will entrust their capital to you, is if you can show them the business proposition you make is well assessed, grounded in reality and shows your awareness of the complex business environment.

The BMC is a critical and ubiquitous tool which you’ll likely have to complete if you want to secure investment.

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