Investments that increase revenue in currently operating markets

Seth Shames
Seth Shames
Seth is a co-creator of the LIFTkit and Director of Policy & Market Innovations at EcoAgriculture Partners.

Landscape investments can generate financial value in four main ways:

  1. Increasing revenue within a currently operating market
  2. Accessing new markets
  3. Reducing business risks (i.e. lowering overall cost of capital)
  4. Reducing business costs

In the video below, LIFT co-creator Seth Shames lays out the details of option number 1, increasing revenue in currently operating markets. Or, put more plainly: producing and/or selling more of whatever you were already producing and selling.

Of course, in a landscape, you might be producing clean water or carbon storage or education or healthcare just as well as maize, beans, electricity or bicycles. All of these things are distributed (bought and sold somehow) through markets, and if you’re already doing some of it, more might be better. How can landscape investments do this? And how does this type of financial value pathway affect the development of your business model? Watch the video to find out.

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