Landscapes Investment and Finance Toolkit (LIFT) Beta v1.0.



What is LIFT?


The Landscape Investment and Finance Tool comprises of a set of modules that help landscape initiatives define, develop and find finance for their landscape priorities. The tool guides you through a process to find the types of investors that might be interested in your landscape-specific business cases, and develop pitch materials to successfully acquire that finance.

Who are you?


LIFT is developed for landscape leaders that work as part of a multi-stakeholder landscape collaboration. If you represent an NGO, company or government agency, but work collectively with a broader set of stakeholders in a landscape to establish a set of priority landscape interventions, then you can use the Beta version of LIFT.


It would also be nice if you were excited to be a part of the ongoing development of the tool and willing to work closely with our team to improve the tool so it can better meet your (and others') needs in the future.

Learn more about coordinating finance in multi-stakeholder collaborations.

What can LIFT do for you?


LIFT is made up of three modules that
1) help you identify and develop the business case for 3 to 5 priorities;
2) help you find what kind of investors inside or outside your landscape might be suitable for your cases and 3) help you make plan for the pursuing of suitable and willing investors.
In the coming year, we plan to add additional modules, such as for the mapping of existing financial streams in your landscape, along with training modules for investors, so that they are better equipped to interact with landscape leaders, their institutions and the priorities they develop in their landscapes.

Why partner with us to improve LIFT?


The LIFT Kit is currently in development. We've tested it in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, and a second trial is underway in the Northern Coastal Zone of Honduras. These tests showed that the content is valuable. We are now focused on making LIFT as effective and easy-to-use for multi-stakeholder landscape partnerships as possible. So we've issued the trial version 1.0 of the LIFT Manual.


That's where you come in.


If you are interested in using LIFT to help your landscape initiative find finance, we're interested in learning with and from you about what works well and what doesn't.

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